Example of the three designs you will create. A cube, square antiprism and hexagonal prism.

We run a concrete casting workshop over the course of two evenings aimed at taking you through the process of creating three geometric planters. These take place at a variety of venues across Scotland. Check at the bottom of this page for upcoming dates.

Examples of finished designs created by people attending our First Trade Days workshop.

The first evening involves cutting, folding and constructing to create your set of 3D concrete molds. These will be filled with hand mixed concrete and will require a couple of days to cure.

On the second evening you de-mould your creations and apply the finishing touches such as hand sanding, wax sealing, buffing and decorating with spray paints. The final stage is planting up a cacti in each of your new geometric concrete planters ready to take home!

The process can be a little messy and dusty at times so please bring an old top for both evenings. A box will be provided at the end of the second evening for you to take home your creations.

Included in the price:-

  • Approximately 5 hours of workshop time and all the materials and equipment required
  • Three geometric pots for you to take away
  • A cacti for each of your pots
More examples of work created at our First Trade Days workshop.


Due to the current Covid 19 pandemic we are not running any workshops at present.


Interesting in organizing a private workshop? If you have a suitable space we can accommodate up to 12 people. Due to the time required for concrete to cure each workshop is spread over two sessions each lasting 2 1/2 hours with a minimum of 5 days between each one. Get in touch for further information using the form below.